Vimeo Channels

For those teams who bring four dancers or more to the Pro Action Dance Las Vegas Intensive get access to the Pro Action Dance Vimeo Channel for their year's routines; both counts and showcase. All you need is to sign up for a free vimeo account and we will add your user name to the channel where you will have access to the videos from your computer, smartphone, and home theater streaming devices in HD at home and on the go. Visit us on Vimeo at and like Pro Action Dance on Vimeo!



If you are interested in accessing Pro Action Dance's Archive of routines, visit our On-Demand page and buy routines either as a series or individual routines.

Fun Freebie - Mashup


The awesome mix you hear was created by our preferred music partner Sounds Like That in partnership with Power Music Cheer. Purchase the mix using the link below to create your very own #PADMashUp2020. Don't forget to share it and tag us on social media!

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